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As the era of Modern Spiritualism was ushered in through the observation of psychic phenomenon at Hydesville, New York, in 1848, the completion of Spiritualism's philosophy also came through psychic means, some sixty years later, to the Nation's capital. The circumstances surrounding this little known but extraordinary mediumistic event began in 1914, the year that James E. Padgett, a prominent Washington, D.C. lawyer, lost his wife Helen

Not long after Helen's passing Padgett's psychic senses opened and he began to receive channelled messages through the means of automatic writing first from his wife, then other relations, law associates and eventually prominent people throughout history.

Padgett received the channellings for nine years until his passing in 1923, during which time he wrote over two thousand messages from spirits inhabiting all the levels of the spirit world - some are well known others are not. Regardless, I am convinced that all the spirit authors were people who once lived on the earth and are who they represent themselves to be.

I believe that the channelled writings of James Padgett were meant for Spiritualism at the height of its popularity in America and represent a revelation from the most knowledgeable spirits for the purpose of advancing the world spiritually. I also believe that his writings are important not only to Spiritualism, but to religion itself by revealing the workings of the spirit world, the laws that govern it and the destiny of the human soul after the change called death.

Alan Ross